North Alabama code officials

President: Eric Waddell 256-233-8712
City of Athens

Monthly meeting last Wednesday of each month

Gulf Coast Code officials

President:Erik Cortinas 251-990-0141

City of Fairhope

Code officials

association of alabama


The board of directors consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, Sgt. at Arms, immediate past president, and the active presidents of seven chapters.

President: Tim Jordan

Vice-President: Erik Waddell

Secretary:  open

Treasurer:  Tana Bryant

Sgt. at Arms: David Hill

Past President: Dale Hall


PRESIDENT:  Barry Falls-Alabama

Vice President:  Tim Tolbert-Florida

Secretary:  Amy Heath-Mississippi

​Treasurer:  Billy McShan-Louisiana

​Past President:  Jean Paul Pellerin-Louisiana


south Alabama code officials

President: Jeff Kappelman 334-705-5420
City of Opelika

Annual 3 day conference each year

Code officials of lower alabama

President: Jeremy Stewart
City of Mobile, AL

Monthly meeting 2nd Thursday of each month

Alabama Association of Plumbing, gas, & mechanical inspectors

President :Tim McDow 205-620-6625

Shelby County, AL

Education Conference in Auburn each year

Fire Marshal's Association of Alabama

President : Dan Wilkerson

State Spring Conference

North central Alabama code officials

President: Richard Broome  205-444-7649
City of Hoover

Monthly meeting 3rd Thursday of each month

East Alabama Code Officials

President : Adam Thrasher  256-453-8890
City of Lincoln, AL

Monthly meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month